Anyone Know a Mohair String Girth Craftsman - need Click-It Spring-Loaded Buckles

[B]Does anyone know someone who makes mohair string girths and will accomodate a custom order?

I want one or a couple made with the the 2 separate arms for double-billet, and incorporating the “Click-It Spring-Loaded” buckles.[/B]

Double-points :wink: if you know where the buckles can be purchased, as I may have to supply them for the artisan.

(I and another want to be able to tighten the girth after mounting, and these buckles make it easier).

Thanks for your help!

This vendor makes lovely custom girths, I don’t know about your buckles but I’d certainly ask them!

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Where would you source clickit buckles separate from the girths that incorporate them?



There’s also this;…g_id=770766489

I just received a custom order from ‘cinches down under’ ( ). Of course, she is in Australia and I’m in NZ, so might be costly to get an order to the US, but she was very helpful via email, so might be worth an enquiry.

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Wow, great prices too! And range of colors is amazing. Thanks for this.

I know one local to me that I’ve heard many positive reviews for. She does make custom options - she doesn’t have that buckle listed but takes special requests.