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Anyone know about RPSI or Westfalen registrations?

I have a half ATA registered mare. Her dam line was never registered thus unknown. More breed registries require 4 gen back for offspring, but I was looking and saw there is a pre-mare book for RPSI or Westfalen. She was a ATA premium foal, so I’m thinking of getting her approved for either. However, would her offspring be eligible for full papers?

For full “pink” papers, the sire must be in Stallion Book 1 or 2 and hte dam must be in the main section = Mare Book 1 or 2. Foals are eligible for a certificate of pedigree (COP) or “white papers” if both parents are in the breed books - Sire Appendix Stallion Book or Pre Stallion Book and dam Mare Book 1 or Mare Book 2 or Pre-Mare Book / or Sire Stallion Book 1 and dam Pre-Mare Book

So if she is in the pre-mare book, as I understand it, her foals would only be eligible for a certificate of pedigree, not full papers.

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