Anyone know of a boarding facility near Austin TX that has room for three horses?

Does anyone know of a boarding facility in or near Austin TX that has room for three horses? I really, really, really want a place where they can pasture board. I don’t want to say that cost isn’t an issue, but I’d pay a lot for the right place. I don’t care what discipline the barn specializes in – it could something Western for all I care. I just need a place where they will be happy.

I have a list of boarding barns in the area from last time I looked, but the problem is that there aren’t many, or any, that can take three horses at once. I’m wondering if anyone here might know of a private place or some small facility that wouldn’t have come up on all of the equine search sites, google, etc., where I’ve already looked.

be careful to review the location of the boarding place, central Texas is notorious for flash flooding…and these events escalate rapidly

Considering all the growth in the Austin area (and now Tesla moving its headquarters there) “near” Austin may take you out many miles.

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Yeah, I know all about the prices. The reason I’m looking for a new place is that the place where I currently board has just gone up for sale. The way prices are now, you can’t blame the owner for wanting to sell. But yes it does seem like every year it’s harder and harder to find some place that’s not too far out of town.

One of the places I’ve looked at is in or near a flood plain, and I’m going to ask them what they do when it floods over there.

Have you checked out Scattered Oaks Farm?

It’s near the top of my list. Several people have recommended it. It’s a bit further out than I would like, although I suppose I should try driving it first to see.

White Fences is a beautiful farm, the horses are well cared for, and they might have the space you are looking for.

Thank you for that recommendation. I remember I had talked to them before and they seemed really nice and accommodating (they were willing to keep my three together even though they generally separate mares and geldings). It’s good to get a vote of confidence for them. I’ll reach out to them again.

ETA: oh, but I remember now I checked their site and as of this June it says that all horses in the facility “should be” in training. Do you know how strictly that is enforced? One of my three is a pasture pet.

That is a new rule and I don’t know if it is strictly enforced for new boarders. I think it is worth asking the owner if it could be waived.

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