Anyone ordered a bridle from Lumiere?

They’re based in Australia, seem to have very reasonably priced bridles and the reviews seemed to indicate they’re good quality for the price and shipping to US was said to be fast.

I ordered a bridle from them in hopes that I’d have it in time for a show next month. It showed up as being in stock when I ordered. However, it’s been over a week and no indication that the shipping process has even started … I got the automated confirmation email and my credit card statement shows it’s paid for, but that’s it. I tried reaching out via messenger to ask if it was backordered or anything and didn’t get a reply other than the automated reply saying not to simultaneously message through other platforms and l they would try to answer within 24 hours (which didn’t happen).

At this point I’m guessing I probably won’t have it in time for the show, but at least I have my old (boring, plain, non-monocrown) bridle I can use. Has anyone here ordered from them? How long did it take for your order to be shipped?

UPDATE — I did hear back pretty quick after emailing and they told me it was in fact shipped, it just doesn’t show up as such when I try to track it until it has arrived in the US from Australia. Hopefully it will still get here in time for the show!

Not a bridle but a bling browband to fit a Micklem. I wanted it for a championship and as the estimated delivery was 6-7 working days I should have received it well within the time for the championship. 7 weeks later I sent an email asking where it was as the FedEx tracking system showed only that a label had been created, not that the item was in transit. Luminere apologised said there was an error and dispatched a new browband by expedited delivery. A browband arrived about 4 weeks later and another one about 4 weeks after that. So I have one unused in a drawer but I’m not prepared to pay the return postage from the UK to Australia and I’ve only been charged for one browband, I feel guilty but as it wasn’t my error in the first place :woman_shrugging:.

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Thank you! Mine is showing a similar thing, although the tracking is through USPS rather than FedEx … it looks like the shipping label was automatically generated when I ordered but now it appears nothing has happened since then.

Maybe I’ll try emailing … I hate to be a PITA, but if it gets shipped now I should still have it before the show, and I gave them a few days to answer on messenger and got nothing.

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How weird! I ordered one about a year ago and expected shipping to take a while, but it showed up in less than a week (I’m in the US…I think it shipped to me from Florida so maybe they have a warehouse outside Australia). I love it. I use the bridle as a show bridle only, but I use the reins for everyday riding and they are holding up really well.

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Australia has been hit with a lot of major weather events over the last few months. Shipping is extraordinarily slow, even within Aus, because of road closures. Plus we’re only just getting heaps of cases of Covid now after being relatively Covid free for the last few years. Lots of places are running on skeleton staff because of this.

They’re generally really good with communication and shipping. I’m in Australia and even with dodgy AusPost messing things up, they get here within good time.

Just shoot them through an email. Things will probably be a little backlogged after Easter but it doesn’t hurt.

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Thank you for the info! I hadn’t received a response to the fb message after a few days, so I emailed today and they replied pretty quickly and said that it has been shipped, it just doesn’t show up as shipped on the tracking until it arrives in the US. So hopefully it still has time to get here before the show in a few weeks!

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There’s a lot in the news lately about supply chain delays. I hope you have a backup plan. Have a great ride either way!!

I ordered some reins and a browband a couple months ago and received the shipment within a week (to Indiana). I’m happy with the quality for the price. I’ve debated ordering a bridle to replace my micklem (feel like the micklem leather hasn’t held up in quality over the years), but have yet to commit lol

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I love mine! I bought the audrey bridle & it fits by ottb perfectly. really good quality leather for the price and cleans up very nice, very durable. It fits pretty good on all the pressure points and right places, especially around the poll, and brow area.

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Did you receive your bridle? I put in an order beginning of March, still haven’t received it despite a similar response from them mid April assuring me they shipped it beginning of March. Checking in with them this week, they replied they sent it mid April (and to be fair gave me a coupon) but the new tracking they gave me makes no sense (shows delivered to the wrong country)…As it’s been 2 months now without a way to track the package I’m getting nervous and wondering if I should just open a paypal dispute

I did receive mine, I think it arrived somewhere around 2.5 weeks after I first ordered it. The tracking didn’t show as active until a day or 2 before it showed up though (I guess that’s when it made it to the US).

The quality does seem to be pretty nice for the price range, and it’s got plenty of sparkle and looks lovely on my horse.

If I were you though, I’d probably be getting back in touch with them, at least if it doesn’t show up in the next few days! I’m not sure what country you’re in, but if you’re in the US and it was sent in mid April it should have had time to arrive if it was sent to the right place.

Apparently they now have a warehouse in Utah. I just ordered a crownpiece and two pairs of reins, and they seem to have shipped from AUS, though I am in Idaho. They say US returns can go to the Utah warehouse, but it doesn’t seem that all US orders are shipping from there, at least not yet.

I’ve also noticed that Classic Saddlery sells some “Italian Leather” bridles that look to be the exact same, and well-priced, so might be worth checking out if you prefer to order domestically.