Anyone really good at analysing gaits?

I’ve showed multiple people a video of a horse I’m interested in. One person has mentioned they think the horse looks off. Don’t want to share the video publicly, but if you want to play a game of “is this pony lame or not?”, let me know. Would like some unbiased feedback!

Feel free to send my way. :slight_smile:

After buying sight unseen 6 times, I’m pretty good at seeing video lameness. :rofl:

I’m happy to review!

Happy to help, be warned I am pretty strict

Sent! Please do be strict, help me not spend my limited budget on a lamish horse!

Send it, but sonetimes they are just tight not lame and its muscle stuff.

I wod love to see it. I always like to train my eye and I am pretty good at spotting things.

I’d be willing and interested in taking a look, if you’re comfortable sharing. :slight_smile: I’m pretty good at picking out NQR. Sometimes too good. :dizzy_face:‍:dizzy:

Equitopia Center has a great video series on subtle lameness, I also suggest you watch. Dr. Sue Dyson’s 24 Behaviors Indicating Pain in The Ridden Horse

I’ve spent years watching and listening to horses and have developed a decent eye for lameness over the years through that experience, but also pushing myself to learn more, take classes, attend seminars etc.