Anyone Ride a Bowman Saddle?

I tried one on my horse the other day and was pleasantly surprised. It was a trail model and too wide for my horse but very comfortable and very nice with a decent price point. Not too heavy either. I ended up ordering one with some fancy tooling and Jeremiah Watt hardware. Just looking for opinions on anyone that has one or has ridden one. Thanks in advance.

Do you mean the maker or the tree? A good friend has ridden a bowman tree, her grandfather’s saddle, as long as I’ve known her, nearly 30 years. It’s been a great versatile saddle for her!

No, it’s a Bowman Saddle. Steele tree. Out of TN

I have no experience with them but I wish you luck!!

Saddle buying and finding the right one is nothing if not next to impossible it seems these days :grimacing:

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Interesting – I’d never heard of a Bowman saddle before I saw this thread. The saddle company is R.W. Bowman, and fairly new (ca 2008?). The saddle tree maker is S.F. Bowman.

Hmm … wonder if S.F. and R.W. are related …

I don’t know. Maybe?