Anyone shop in Lexington Kentucky?

I wanted to see what everyone though of central Kentucky’s tack/apparel stores! Also opinions on brands they carry.

I love Ariat stuff. I bought a pair of Heritage knee patch breeches 2 years ago and they have held up perfectly! Gotta say they are a great buy for the money. I got them at Bob Mickler’s here in Lexington. They are the only store that carries Ariat’s English line here. Did I mention they also they carry Barbour and Dubarry!? Yes. Bob Mickler’s always has one of the best tents at Rolex too. I’ve never seen so much wonderful Ariat stuff in my life! haha!

Wise Choice Tack is a great store too. The consignment in their store has saved me tons of money over the years. You can always find what you are looking for in there! They set up their mobile unit at a lot of the horse shows out at the Kentucky Horse Park also, which comes in handy! Lost riding glove? Forgot your saddle pad? Go to Wise Choice, problem solved.

I haven’t had much experience with The Tack Shop of Lexington. I know they carry some high end brands like Tailored Sportsmans and Ogilvy. I’ve heard some rumors about their customer service. Do you guys have any experience with them?

Overall, Lexington is a great place to shop for all your horsie addictions… :lol:

What are some of your favorite things to buy for you and your horse? Favorite store?

For me, they’re not good since I mainly ride western. If I do need stuff I went to KBC, Pinkstons, occasionally Wise Choice or KY Tack and Leather. The tack stores in Lexington are mainly geared towards the racing industry with a couple of shops for English riders.

Yeah I can see how a western rider wouldn’t have as many options. There is that western boot store that was put in over off Winchester road called The Boot Barn. I’ve been in there once and I admit they have an impressive amount of boots :lol:

Lol yeah there’s one in Nicholasville too. They’re expensive and I need more than just boots ;). There’s also a small western wear shop off of Alexandria too. I was bummed when Stateline pulled out of Petsmart. At least there they had some stuff other than stuff for a track pony.

I’d say Smartpak would be a good website for you. They have some nice western stuff and a great return/exchange policy.