Anyone tried/use a Winderen pad?

It seems too good to be true, but my horse is telling me there’s a pea under all twenty featherbeds that he just can’t ignore… again.

Yes, I’ve contacted the saddle fitter. Yes, his saddle was fitted less than six weeks ago. Yes, he changes shape very quickly at this stage.

That spring lockdown did us no favours. :angry:

I haven’t bought the saddle pad (next on my list) but I have bought a couple of other products from them, just wanted to say they are very nice and ship quickly.

I just tried two half pads for my dressage horse and while they did’t work for him they were high quality and shipped quickly. The company has been great to work with, too.

Did you do the pad rental they offer?

I have one. It worked well and came in a beautiful box. I did struggle with it slipping a bit but apparently I girth up quite loosely and that might be the issue.

I’ve been eyeballing these as well for sometime. I’d love to know what people think of them too, pros and cons?

Yes, I got both thicknesses of dressage pad. The only downside is that you have to pay to ship them back to Poland. I thought they would send a shipping label and deduct the cost, but I have to pay for it myself. No idea yet what the USPS rate on that is going to be.

I saw you said that they didn’t work for your horse but you thought they were good quality. Would you mind sharing what about them didn’t work? And maybe anything that you liked about the pads?

I bounced in the saddle too much with the thick one, because it destabilized my saddle. And the thin one didn’t give as much “absorption” feeling as my old sheepskin half pad.

My saddle is custom fitted to my horse, so the destabilization wasn’t because of something wrong with the pad, but rather the way it changed the saddle fit.