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Anyone try isochronic "music" for tense horses?

I googled “happy, upbeat music” today when I sat down at work (yeah, it’s that kinda day) and discovered youtube videos that are promising relief from migraines, tension headaches, improved concentration, anxiety relief, and increased concentration.

I’m particularly interested in the anxiety relief with regard to my horse, who is very … ahh … attentive … to her environment.

Sadly, the music isn’t as good at blocking out the blabbering around me as the Scorps, but it’s an interesting find.

I’ll try it at the barn and see what my horse thinks, too :slight_smile: Has anyone else tried something like this?

Yes, we used to play classical music in the barn where I worked with racing thoroughbreds. They were considerably calmer than their rock compatriots! It does work but I have also been told that horses in stalls want to know what is going on around them and that quiet throughout the night is beneficial, as is, also turning out all lights. Does she sleep lying down at all? If not, she may not feel safe enough in her environment and that could be contributing to the hypervigilant state.

Thanks for your reply, Calamber. I don’t know if she lays down right now. She has been stall-bound for 8 months. Before that she enjoyed laying in the pasture. I will look into this.

I wouldn’t subject my horses to music. They don’t process it the way we do, and they need peace from constant noise. Especially at night, so that they sleep. For example, if you placed a tone or constant noise in my environment pretty soon I’d be looking for a way to take you out, personally. I will never understand some people’s need for constant background noise, and I especially don’t agree with or appreciate when folks try to transfer that to animals.

Nothing wrong with putting a radio program or some music on in the barn for your own benefit when you’re working in there, for a while, but keep it low and turn it off when you leave.