Anyone used RW and/or their 20% Sale?

I was thinking about getting the new Majyk Elite boots in turquoise at the 20% off Labor Day sale… Has anyone ever ordered from them? I was wondering if their ‘over $50 free ground shipping’ was actually free?


I haven’t bought from Riding Warehouse recently, but I ordered a couple of times last year and had no issues. The $50 free shipping was really free. Also really appreciated $5 2 day shipping, and it’s wonderful to not have to wait for or pay through the nose for deliveries from the east coast.

ADORE RW! Free shipping is truly free and customer service is truly service! I plan to take advantage of this sale myself! :slight_smile:

I loooooove Riding Warehouse! :smiley:

Just got a show coat & a Soless Visor from them with free shipping. I’ve had to cancel back ordered stuff before, and they were super friendly and understanding.

RW is my first stop when I’m shopping.

Ive used RW before- its awesome, particularly on the west coast. The shipping really is free and the have great customer service

Love love LOVE them!! Even though I’m East Coast based, their competitive prices are worth the extra day or two wait for shipping to me. (Not to mention Dover takes longer, and they’re east coast… so there ya go.)

Another vote for Riding Wearhouse! Every single one of my favorite “actually works” products is carried by them. I think they have a great buyer!

Just scored a Thinline half pad for $60. Thanks for the heads up on the sale! :slight_smile:

Cupid and I love Riding Warehouse! I’m filling my cart up as we speak.

RW is fantastic! Always fast shipping, even when it’s free! Their customer service is excellent as well.

I had just placed an order for some schooling shirts and a dressage pad when I remembered the Majyk Equipe boots. DAMNIT. Need to get a husband buy-in on that purchase…

They get thumbs up from me too. I’ve had no problems with returns either, and they provide you with a label for free shipping back to them.

I buy my nibblenets from them. Cheapest price around!

Love them! I have a package on the way right now. I used a $10 off $25 coupon because I totally forgot about the sale.

Riding Warehouse is the bomb. I’ve been buying from them for about a year now. They’re in CA, I’m on the east coast, and I get my orders from them faster than any other retailer. Their customer service has been outstanding, too. I used to be a die-hard SmartPak-er, but RW is now my go-to. Their selection is growing, and their prices are the best anywhere.