Anyone want to help me choose between 3 super cute welsh projects?

Hey all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Alas, I need some help! There are a few super cute 3yr old welsh projects a province over from me. I’m going to get one (maaaaybe 2) shipped here sight unseen - but I’m having a heck of a time deciding! I’d truly appreciate any input on their conformation, movement, etc. Purpose would be ultimately eventers, or else just super cute all-around prospects/ mountain horses if jumping is not their thing!

I know the shots and videos aren’t ideal, but they’re all I’m getting. Thanks so much in advance to anyone who goes through these and gives some input! :grin:

Flint: Registered 1/2 Welsh, 15.1h

Farmer: Registered Section D Welsh, 14.2h

Fionn: Registered 1/2 Welsh, 14.2h

I’ll play. Hard to see the fine details under the thick winter coat and the footing was atrocious. It would be nice to see a posed horse with evident feet and legs, movement from in front and behind… but we ain’t got it. Flint, in my eyes doesn’t move especially well, the hock action was missing and the Welsh quality was not very marked. I preferred the other two. Farmer, to my eyes, looked to be the most athletic and to have the most potential.

None of them really scream eventer to me and I agree the pics and videos are less than ideal. However, based on the info we have, my vote would be:

  1. Fionn - cute enough mover and looks reasonably athletic; flashy markings don’t hurt at all for a project!
  2. Farmer - nice enough but doesn’t do it for me personally; some buyers might avoid due to color; I couldn’t handle trying to keep him clean :rofl:
  3. Flint - seems least athletic to me; 15.1 can be a tough-to-sell in-between size; very upright shoulder; possibly moves a bit funny behind although in that footing it’s not really fair to evaluate

For the 1/2 Welshes, do you know what the other halves are?

Thanks so much for the input! I agree Farmer is a definite cutie, just don’t love the colour lol.

Yes, they don’t necessarily scream venter for me either. But, I love bringing along youngstock, and if they want to play the game, awesome! If not, I’ll find them another job :slightly_smiling_face: The other halves are actually Suffield Mustang!


That is an Interesting mix: I suspect they will as clever as a barrel of monkeys. Get a horse on your side, working together, and how far you can go in eventing might surprise you. So much xc is heart and mind, try.


I’ll just stipulate up-front that I’m an expert in exactly nothing related to evaluating young horses for eventing. But I’ll chime in anyway. :grinning:

I agree that Farmer looks the most athletic, although it may simply be that he’s a little slimmer. He also seemed (perhaps) more reactive, but in that situation who knows what that really indicates. I don’t love the color, but, as they say, a good horse is never a bad color.

I liked Flint, although I defer to those more knowledgeable who have posted. He might not have the ability to jump that Farmer does, but I liked his attitude. (And I liked his color, but see above).

I wonder about the heights given that all are 3 years old. I suspect that they’ll grow a bit more, which may take Flint to 15.3 or so, but which may put the other too just north of the 14.2 line (i.e., no longer ponies), if that matters to you.

Fionn, Farmer then Flint.

Funnily, I slipped Farmer down a peg because of his color, but I didn’t slip Flint up a peg because of his. Flint would be an easier sale if and when it comes time, because he’s a better size, but his movement isn’t better. Fionn and Farmer will always suffer from “wonderful but too small” if you’re thinking primarily resale.

I, personally, LOVE 14.2, and that isn’t such a bright line in eventing. But if you sell to some multiple use home, and they want to go do small hunter/jumper shows as well, they will face that line.

Fionn, hands down. Color sells, so even if he isn’t perfect in other ways, he will get a second look just based on that alone.

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Very true!! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Good tips, thanks so much for the reply! I agree - I think Fionn is my fave. I love Farmer too but colour is hard. And Flint - well I have a lot of pasture in the summers and no dry lots - not sure how he’d fair lol

Buy all 3 :joy: the tubby one looks like he will be much more athletic when not so grossly overweight. The full welsh might be slightly more attractive to future buyers over the 1/2, people are funny about crosses sometimes. Personally I love his color, I bet he is a bit darker in summer. Also love the colors on the other two.

I can’t say for sure which I would pick, and that doesn’t usually happen. Probably Farmer or Flint, then Fionn.


I love the name Farmer for a pony, thats so cute :pleading_face:


Don’t know from eventing, but Farmer’s trot is :heart_eyes:

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If I was going to take on of these I would take Fionn. Good balanced conformation and reasonable gaits.

Farmer. not a fan of the trot, stabbing downward and out behind. Can that be trained out, perhaps, might be worth a gamble. The color, IS a huge put off

Flint excessive gait. really thick stumpy neck, you can see how pronounced in the summer photo. I would totally pass

I would be prepared for these horses to have little in the way of education or training. I cannot imagine who would try to sell horses presented as these are.

If Fionn could be compelled to stay 14.2 they you would have a pretty snappy hunter ring look for a kid.

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Thanks so much for the input!! I think I’ll take Fionn for sure. You’re right - they’re untouched. But I’m always up for a challenge :slight_smile:

Haha, thanks for the input! And the enabling! I kind of like all three too for different reasons. I think I’ll for sure go for Fionn as I like his colour over Farmer’s…and he’s not so overweight as Flint. Flint I’d really like as he’s quite a lot bigger than the other two - but I can’t decide if I see something funky going on with his hind end :face_with_monocle: Wish I was able to see them in person!

Cool! Keep us updated on his progress. I have to admit that when I saw Fionn in one of Farmer’s pics I thought, “ooh, show me that one!” so I think you’re making a good choice. :grin:

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Step 1- buy all ponies.

Step 2- start a commune, I’ll bring my ponies.

Step 3- profit.


LOL!! Great idea :joy: I’d consider it - but they’re all untouched so I’d better cap it at two hahah