Anyone want to start a 2022 health challenge?

I just signed up for WW (again). Former lifetime member, but that was 80 pounds ago.

Looking for accountability buddies to check in once a week on goals like food tracking, hitting weekly activity targets, etc. Anyone want to join me? You don’t have to be doing WW yourself, just looking for support in eating better and moving more and hopefully losing weight along the way.


Yes please. I have some pesky COVID kilos to shift. I don’t do weight watchers but I am a mean calorie counter.

Not looking into weightlos, but need some more fitness over all.

Yes. Fitness work for me. I did DRT last year and it really helped my back pain, my riding, and body shape. I started DRT2 and did the first strength workout at a bad time and got heatsick and have been struggling ever since.

It’s three workouts a week. Core, flexibility and strength. That’s the goal.

H-e-double-hockey sticks yes. I’ve become a real pork chop.

I’ll try to join all of you. I usually don’t last long with things things, but I’ll give it a go :joy:

Well today may not have been a great day to start lol. I had an early morning flight and was starving, so I ate all the airplane breakfast, including the sausage and the croissant. And I may or may not have had a Bloody Mary with it.

It will be a challenging week activity wise because the place I travelled to requires all visitors to quarantine for 5 days upon arrival. So my activity will be limited to walking up and down the stairs and doing exercise videos. But it also means I don’t have easy access to junk food unless my kids order delivery. I purposely didn’t order any treats in my grocery delivery


I would love the support as well! Not doing WW, but I’m old enough to know what NOT to eat, and my new old gelding is small and would appreciate me more if I lost weight.
As always on the first of the year, I weighed myself this morning, and will do so once a week. My goal is 37.2 pounds, but I haven’t set a time goal because that just stresses me out. I will just picture myself trail riding my new old gelding in a smaller body with more energy!


I’ll join in. Two years of crazy work shifts has taken a waistline toll.

Week One Goals Jan 2-8

3 DRT workouts
Six rides (one down, five to go)
ZERO potato chips
NO pop/soft drinks at work (I don’t have any at home :rofl: )

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Great goals!

My week on goals are:
-log my eating every day and stay within the parameters I’ve set for myself

  • do my stretching / strengthening exercises prescribed by my Physio for my back every day
  • Find ways in isolation to get at least 60 minutes of exercise, plus at least 6,000 steps (hard to do when you’re confined to the house and a tiny back yard.
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I’m trying to be accountable with my PT since I’m losing mobility. I will post progress and accountability on here since I start hurting and then I want to give up.

Two days of walking (I only walk a mile)
PT yoga
I also shoveled the driveway

This is awesome!

Im in! I’m working on balance/moderation as I tend to go whole hog into this stuff. I’ve been doing the gym stuff since mid December and just started the fasting this week. I did really well on 16:8, but it gets to be a pain planning and allegedly 14:10 still gets you most of the benefits.

2022 Goals:

  • Running 2X/week increasing distance over here time
  • Weight lifting 2X/week increasing reps, then weights SLOWLY over time
  • Yoga/Stretching/Foam Rolling 1-2 days/week
  • 14:10 Intermittent fasting Monday - Friday
  • Think nicer thoughts about my body because I’m hyper critical
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Walked 1.5 miles or almost 4,000 steps
Did PT stretches this morning

My back is absolutely killing me today, so I didn’t do anything else today.

Grad school while working full time followed by pregnancy followed immediately by covid killed any healthy routines I had.

This is the silliest breakthrough, but I realized there are loads of 10 minute workouts on YouTube.

I had this mental block that a workout needed to be what I long ago learned to be “proper”— at least 20-30 min a day, sustained heart rate elevation, etc. That kind of exercise routine just wasn’t fitting into my day no matter how hard I tried to make it a priority. It became this weird, guilty avoidance that if I couldn’t exercise right, I couldn’t do it at all.

But a 10 minute workout, that I can do. I get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning, which is very doable even at the early hour I have to rise for work (4:30am). It wakes me up better than coffee. It’s short enough I can do it on an empty stomach and also not get so sweaty I need to shower. Most importantly, combined, it’s over an hour of exercise each week that I most definitely wasn’t getting.

And bonus: I’ve lost a couple pounds without changing other habits.

No, I won’t be back to my marathon running days or miraculously back to a healthy weight with only 10 minutes, but it’s so much better than the alternative of nothing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share in case someone is struggling with their exercise habits like me.


Thanks for sharing. I’m another one who thought I’d have to do 30 mins per day to make it worthwhile. I’ve been doing stretches and some yoga daily, but I’m going to try to add in a few mins of cardio too.

I can’t say that I’m eating any better yet, but I’m hoping to make some gradual changes that will eventually become my new normal.

Good luck to everyone! We’ve got this :blush:

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I’m in the habit of a reasonable cardio program (bike, elliptical, TM/outdoor walk weather permitting). Goal is to add weights 2x/week and no empty calories after dinner (sweet tooth for sure) and getting off Coke Zero (was soda free for 18 months then well COVID).

So I had to back off my activity goals as my back (which went out in November and is still recovering) started giving me red alert bells. I’m doing some short walks, stair walking, and gentle stretching but that’s it for now.

Have successfully tracked my food everyday. Haven’t made perfect food choices every day but on the whole I would say this week was healthier than the one before it.


Week 1 results:
I did the first DRT (core) last week, rode five times, and managed to go without potato chips and soft drinks.

I’m also doing a morning yoga program and was going to do the DRT yoga/stretching one morning but the screenshot on the video was a stretch that really bothers my strained muscle so I stuck with the morning yoga program.

Saturday my back was very painful but I managed to get up and ride Saturday night, and two minutes after mounting up I realized my back was entirely pain free. There were twinges during the ride, but I felt much better afterwards as well.

Sunday I did my missed DRT strength workout after I got home from work, followed by the missed DRT yoga - because the strength one wound me up and I needed to get to bed and sleep. I limited the one stretch and I think the strength workout warmed everything up too.

Week Two goals

3 DRT workouts (not including the two I did Sunday)

Ride - I’m not sure about a number as we’re getting a very cold snap for the next day or so, and the horses have their chiropractic adjustments on Thursday (no riding the day after). I’m thinking 4 rides might be doable.

No potato chips at all. No pop at work.

Continue with morning yoga program (I missed this morning as I was late to bed and had to be up early to get to my chiro appointment)

Do some watercolour painting (this for mental health).

I’ll join in once I have more answers about my back pain/numbness! I am finally having an MRI next week, so hopefully that will put me on the road to recovery shortly after that.

I lost 30+ pounds in late 2020 into the middle of 2021, but my back has taken a toll on that. I’m down to no exercising - can manage a 20 min walk with the dogs - and a lot of “pity” eating. I’m too afraid to weigh myself, but I’m definitely gaining. I lost my weight doing intermittent fasting and I still keep to my 16:8 - so it’s not as bad as it could be.

Main goals - lose the weight again and get strong. I’m so sad that I’ve lost all my muscle. I’m hoping I can back to riding quickly as that will help with my strength and cardio. My mare is off in training while I sort myself out. I really want to get back to yoga and potentially running.