Anyone watching Observation Event/Wellington?

On USEF Network.
The commentator is excellent.

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I missed it. Do you know where we can see the results?

It’s still streaming on

It’s still on.
They’re on a break, and next rider at 10:10 (EST). USEF Network has scoring.
Right now Alice Tarjan with Candescent is first with 74.28, then Charlotte Jorst with 73.63.

Do you know who the commentator is? I agree, he is excellent. Enough information from a judge’s point of view, but enough space to watch and enjoy.

I loved watching Alice Tarjan and Charlotte Jorst. Seeing Charlotte smile through much of her test was such a nice sight.


It’s Bill Warren.

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I think Adrienne Lyle on Salvino took the top spot, followed by Peters on Supenkasper. Not sure where the others came in. Charlotte Jorst could be 4th? Nick Wagman had a good ride on Don John.

Watching great riders makes me want to ride right this minute!

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Sabine in 2nd.

Were you all able to hear him? It was pretty much inaudible on my laptop and my phone.


Yes, volume was good on my FireTV set up. I really enjoyed the commentary and found it enlightening but not overwhelming.

Looking forward to the freestyles on Friday.

Also got confirmation that they will be streaming the para selection next weekend from Tryon, which is great. Some super combinations there, too.

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The sound was very poor on my laptop. I used a blue tooth headset with the volume cranked up in order to hear, but it was inaudible without.

I resorted to bluetooth and crancking up the volume on my hearing aids

I streamed from my phone onto the TV and had to crank the TV volume to literally 3-times higher than normal but then could hear fine. Commentary was quite good.

Volume was fine on my desk top.

The rides are available on demand on USEF Network if anyone missed a ride they’d like to see.

I am enjoying Laura Graves commentary. She talks a lot, but most of it is more than just chatter.


Down to the final 5 riders now.

Really cool how they show the judges pictures along with their positions and their scores.

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I watched some of the on demand, but there is no commentary (or any sound) on the GPS.

Anywhere you can watch just the recording of the livestream of the special? The on demand individual ride videos don’t have any audio