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Anyone who rode IHSA Western in College

I run a horse show specifically for IHSA Alumni. In the past it was hunt seat only, but now we’re holding a Western tournament in summer 2014. It will be open to anyone who rode IHSA Western in College.

Right now were holding a contest on our Facebook page to reach out to IHSA Western Alumni. (https://www.facebook.com/AlumniTournamentOfChampions)

My question is - how do I get the word out? Where do you suggest advertising this event that will actually reach my target market. I’ve got low advertising funds and I don’t want to waste money, any advice would be appreciated.

Cool idea! In addition to posting about it here, you might try reaching out to some of the teams individually if you can. I know I still keep some of my team/coaches in my local horse circle. Is it in NJ again next year?

I know my western team was much more casual about showing than the h/j team so it might be a tougher sell to get alumni to travel outside the area - I have no idea if that was the case with other schools/regions though.