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AP/ jumping saddle suggestions for a short backed pony

Looking for saddle recommendations for a short back Pony. He is 14.2 h and typically fits nicely in a medium wide tree- built more like a refined warmblood. There are several saddles such as the HDR Buffalo jumping saddle,frank baines, older style jaguar jump saddle, Black Country, Etc that are nicely balanced on him but they are all too long for his short back. I need a 17 inch seat but could squeeze into a 16.5 inch one if needed. Can anyone recommend any saddles? My current dressage saddle is a Schleese which is specifically designed for the short backed ponies and this borders on being too long for him. He has been looked at by 2 different saddle fitters. The budget is $1500 or less for the jump saddle. I would attach a picture of him but I have absolutely no idea how to do that! Any help would be appreciated -thank you.

I have a similar pony and I was just recommended a county drespri. It has an adjustable flap that I have heard many people say it’s top short for dressage and better suited for jumping, but I’m really short and my pony is small bodied so the flaps are a good length for us when they are in the dressage position.