Apiro or Diamo Blue?

Hey everyone, first time posting here after being a lurker for a while!

I’m looking at a custom foal option with a Cabardino x Rio Grande mare and I’m having trouble deciding between Apiro and Diamo Blue for a hunter/hunter derby foal. The mare is built large and has thrown big foals in the past, so size isn’t really an issue (I like riding larger horses even though I am short

I sent you a PM too, check your messages/notifications too :slight_smile:

Diamo Blue - I think you’ll get tall. I chose him for a mare who could use the height, and if the mare already has a long stride it could be too much.

I’m anxiously awaiting a Diamo Blue foal this year, so I obviously him but Apiro is also a well-regarded stallion with a lot more progeny to base breeding choices on. Personally, I love anything xArgentinus and wish the frozen was good.
Apiro has a lot more offspring around, so it should be easier for you to see if you like what he’s producing. Almost all of the Apiro’s I’ve ever seen listed for sale are < 16.3 and most seem to be closer to the 16H mark. Apiro is more likely to be “known” and familiar to buyers/trainers less likely to add too much height. Apiro himself is beautifully marked, perfect bling but some foals seem to get that / others not. On paper, Apiro is 19% “blood” vs 48% for Diamo Blue. Unless the mare has a high % blood herself, I’d say on that basis alone I’d choose Diamo Blue but be prepared for tall.

Diamo Blue is still a youngster, but good results this year in the Derby as you are likely aware and a stacked pedigree of current jumper “who’s who”. I chose him for a proven 1.40 Holst jumper mare (Coriano/Carolus II/Calypso II), I think they will be a great match. Diamo Blue is a tall boy, I am not sure if he will also throw tall, but expect he will. I bred him to a mare that could use height, with a pretty face – I find his head a bit longer/plain. I don’t think he has enough offspring around to know yet, I think his oldest would be just coming 4 but if you breed him to a taller heavier mare one could get a moose. The best source to ask would be the Walchs – they probably already have that cross (Diamo Blue/Cabardino or Diamo Blue/Rio Grande) given those stallions are their stock already. Have you reached out?

He had fantastic semen, very high PMS they looked fantastic. Best I’ve EVER seen, and older tricky mare in foal, first try. If anyone needs “rocket fuel”, he should be a first call IMO. Olympic swimmers :slight_smile: They do only collect M-W-F and that is a pain, not ideal… so take that into consideration too. Doesn’t matter how good the swimmers are, if you can’t get them on the day you need them.

Other things you might consider:
What registry is the mare approved with?
Are you in Canada? If so, it’s a lot easier to deal with a stallion in the same country. It’s easy to ship semen to US from Canada, but not so easy (IME) the other direction.
Has the mare been bred before, what are her strengths/weaknesses?
Exactly how tall is she? Compact/short-coupled or longer rectangular framed?
When you say the mare is big, is she just tall or also heavier-boned/coarse? Does she need refining blood?
What about movement? If you haven’t already done so, watch video of both and consider what will suit your goals / match the mare best.

Let us know who you decide on!