apparent bog spavin months after OCD surgery

So I have been having terrible luck the past 8 months with my gelding. It was discovered this past january that he would require OCD chip removal on both of his hocks. Surgery was successful. Fast forward to end of May. My gelding throws a splint on his outside front. 2 weeks of rest and anti-inflammatories later, we think it’s healed. 4 weeks later he pops another one on top of the healed one. Had it injected, problem solved. Of course, now we start working again and I have noticed the last few rides some funky fluid build up in his hock. No heat, just a bubble of fluid on the outside (typical bog spavin swelling). The last time I noticed such swelling was when his OCD’s were diagnosed, but he has had the surgery on both. He seems quite sound, but I am a paranoid mother now that has about had it up to here with these things. Suggestions?

My gelding had a DIRT lesion in his right hock. Surgery was successful. 7 months later, it was cold and a new horse came to the farm and he was running around and came in with a big hock. Turns out it was a bog spavin. The vet explained it to me that the joint capsule gets stretched with the effusion from the OCD and make it a “weak link” per say so if there is any trauma, even minor in that area, it causes the bog spavin. Strictly cosmetic and wont go away. My gelding has had his for 5 years now and no issues other than its ugly. We are showing 2nd level and starting to work on some 3rd level stuff.

Thank you, that eases my mind a little bit. I have gotten so paranoid over every little thing now it’s hard not to jump to the worst conclusions

I was freaking out too! Before I got my gelding, I didnt even know how to wrap a polo. Now I can wrap hocks, knees, everything. I am the wrapping guru.

This is the bog spavin

And the rest of the horse a couple of months ago - as you can see, it does not effect him

I did buy the BOT hock boots and will use them sometimes but dont really notice any difference. I will say, I put him on Flex Force (I get it through Jeffers) which is a liquid HA supplement and the size of the bog spavin decreased by half in a few weeks. I did not give it to him for that reason but it was a noticed effect.