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Appropriate helmets for the hunter ring

I’m in the market for a new helmet and I’m noticing a lot more color and bling on helmets at the tack store. I’m totally aware that shiny blingy helmets are a no no for the hunters, but where is the line drawn? For example is the Kask star lady in matte black with the shiny frame too much? I love the rose gold and gold frames as well but I’m betting they are definitely a no :joy:

I’ve worn the Samshield Shadowmatt with rose gold in the hunter ring. It actually looks a lot less blingy IRL than in this picture. image|500x500

Hunters has actually started to become more colorful over the past few years! I see shiny helmets, royal blue coats, bright yarn and charms in plaits, and loudly colored horses at every show I go to. Of course, don’t go overboard with it, but a touch of sparkle isn’t going to hurt your scores. The specific Kask you mentioned wont be an issue, I’ve seen it a handful of times in the ring. Kask is actually a bit of a rising trend. I always say remember the majority of us are just riding to have fun, so if you want the sparkly helmet, get the sparkly helmet!


I totally wear my rose gold/brown OneK with brown boots and gloves any time I can get away with it!


It may also matter where you are competing. I have seen pictures of things being worn in California that may be a bit too fashion forward for us Zone 3 folks.

Standing out can be good… or not so good depending on the day!

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I had a black CO leather-look with custom ivory and black snakeskin trim that I wore in the hunter ring at major A show venues around the southeast with no problem. And I wore it in a clinic with a big-R judge who is conservative on turnout, and I asked her afterward if the trim stuck out to her as too bold, and her response was “did your helmet have trim?? I didn’t even notice!” So unless its truly distracting like a full panel of blingy crystals with the sunlight hitting them, I don’t think the trim makes much of a difference!!