April Fools: USEA to Offer Western Eventing!

I pity the poor folks who make it to advanced and have to deal with the horn going into their gut over every fence. Perhaps a new style of xc riding will evolve?

I also may have to submit a suggestion for the attire rules regarding helmets. Sounds a wee bit dangerous to jump at high levels wearing only a cowboy hat.

(To those who may have missed it, the is an APRIL FOOL’S joke put out by the USEA. Admittedly though, the prospect is intriguing.)


Oh thank goodness, I finally have a reason to wear my “one-piece long-sleeved equitation suit”…with a collar, of course :laughing:


Oooh, think of the bling!


Maybe they’d have a special plate on the belly of the impact vest to protect from the horn. :joy:


What IS a “one-piece, long-sleeved equitation suit?” I am picturing this, but with embroidery, lime a Nudie suit:


No bling allowed according to the tack rules - must be a good working stock saddle. Rider bling, well, that’s debatable.

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I was thinking of the outfits, though saddle bling would have been nice.

Yall I know someone who actually thought this was a good idea- and mentioned it several months before this came out.