AQHA member search

Does anybody know if there is any way to look up a lifetime member?

I would like to transfer a recently registered filly to her new person. Said person had a lifetime AQHA membership in the late 1960’s, but he hasn’t done any business with AQHA for a long while. Also, said membership might be for Said Person and his Ex Wife…and we don’t want to transfer anything to his ex wife.

I could, of course, give the AQHA a call or an email, but this has been not quite as productive as I’d like. I have a current membership also, but somehow the computer won’t give me access to sign up online for an account.

Try tomorrow again?

Phones and internet have been down on and off all day around here.
I expect in the AQHA offices also?

I thought their phone access problems had been resolved when they hired many more a while back?
That would be your best bet for that question.

As a show manager I have access to more screens to look up member and horse info…feel free to PM and I can see if I can help, but it won’t be until morning when I’m back in the office.

Thanks Bluey and sahqueen, got it taken care of.