AQHA Versatility Classes Rules

Is anyone familiar with AQHA Versatility Class Rules?

I am planning on showing in this for the first time in a few weeks. I have competed in local shows for several years. The rules appear to allow for a snaffle bit/bridle for the first year of showing. Is that correct if I am showing in my first AQHA show? I don’t want to interpret the rules incorrectly.

Have you downloaded the AQHA rulebook? I just googled it but dont want to go through all 364 pages. Its free. Have to pay for the printed version. The answer should be there either under class specs or acceptable equipment.

Be sure to check on if its first year of showing at any age, not 4 and under in their first year.

I read the rulebook but since I spend lots of time at work reading regulations and discussing exact language I sometimes read too much into rules. It states - “The use of two-rein equipment is allowed in working cow horse, boxing, ranch riding, ranch trail, all VRH classes
and all RHC classes for one year only.”

I assume that two reined equipment means a snaffle as opposed to split reins on a curb. For one year only seems vague to me.

The two rein is not a snaffle, it is an in between stage before the horse is put in a bridle. It consists of a bridle bit and a hackamore. You have two reins. The use of a snaffle depends on the horses age in AQHA. I think you cannot use it after five, if I am not mistaken.

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Thank you. I was thinking that AQHA had an age limit on snaffles.

Its been years…decades really, since had any dealings with AQHA but they used to be easy to deal with. Haven’t heard anything from friends on that side indicating its changed.

Why not call or email and ask? You will get the correct answer you can plan with. Not outdated, guesses or flat out wrong info. And, again, double check on horses age and definition of “snaffle” and use of two hands.

I was not sure how responsive AQHA would be.

I looked in the rulebook and horses under 6 can use a snaffle. However, if you show in rookie/level 1, you can use a snaffle and go two handed at any age of horse. AQHA can be a mixed bag when you call. When you get to the show ask the office staff or ring steward(some have them some don’t) just to clarify.

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Also, be sure any snaffle you use is a legal one for showing. Essentially it has to be a smooth snaffle; no “texture” on the mouthpiece. Same thing for Paint shows, which I (fortunately) learned right before a show. So I can show my greenie 4-year-old in a twisted Dr. Bristol in his huntseat classes, but in his western classes I have to switch to a smooth snaffle. But it’s a pretty one with engraved silver on the rings, so there’s that compensation, LOL!

This is how I understand the rules as well.