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Arab skin issues

I have taken on the care of an Arabian and he consistently has skin problems. It looks as if he rubbed tar on a patch of his skin (ranging from the size of a baseball to the size of a dinner plate). He comes in from the field with it, but it also had shown up when he was in his stall for the night. It shows up in places that he can’t rub and he has gotten medicine from his vet (dex tabs I think they’re called) to help, but they are still showing up. He had a span of a little less than a month that he had little to no sores, but recently it has gotten much worse. The sores are always black, swollen, hot, and painful to the touch. I wash it off the best I can (he doesn’t usually let me scrub them) and about a week after the spot shows up black skin peels off and shows the new skin underneath, sometimes with hair still on the hair and other times it comes out). His owner used to not clean them off simply because she never comes out to the barn the the skin would crust off, alway taking the hair, but when I wash it off the best I can the old skin breaks apart and comes off in little pieces. Someone recently mentioned to me that Arabs are sensitive to changes in humidity, and it had been slightly more humid than usual where he is stabled. I’ve recently started washing the spots with dawn, but had anyone seen this before or have a better solution for it? Not even our vet knows what this is. Please help!!

Have the vet do a skin scraping if they haven’t already.