Arabian Horse Standards and Attire for Showing

Hi, I am new to showing and have an Arabian gelding I would like to compete with at local shows (4H, Open Shows).
What tack/attire will I need to compete? Standards for classes? Horsemanship, Halter & Showmanship, Western Pleasure/riding, Trail, Saddle Seat, English Classes, etc?
Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide me. Has live feed of the current US Arabian National horse show going on right now. Sign up & watch. It might give you some idea of current trends in attire.

what a great idea! thank you, I never thought to do that. I have a friend at the show right now, wish I could be there as well.

You mentioned you have a friend who currently shows.

“Trends” can vary widely for local shows. I would ask your friend what sort of tack is popular right now, for the specific shows you want to attend. Usually, 4H shows and open shows are fairly laid back.

Even better if you yourself can go watch the shows first (before competing) and pay particular attention to what everyone is wearing.

In my area, I enter in all the western classes with my barrel saddle. It’s my only saddle, and since I only go to local shows, that’s what I use. I show for the purpose of FUN and for something interesting for my barrel horses to do.

As another example, no one wears chaps at the local shows I go to. So I don’t either. Some people wear colored jeans; others wear blue jeans. We’re all in it to have fun and the color of jeans I am wearing doesn’t affect how my horse performs!

So I would find out what “goes” at the shows you are interested in.