Arabian Show Horses: Favorite blankets?

Just curious, for some of you owning and showing Arabians, where do you get your favorite horse blankets? Any custom blanket makers you use/like?
I’m researching fit/styles/comfort of blankets for Arabians. I do endurance, but our Ayrabs grow their own weather/winter blankets.
thanks in advance!

Hug blankets from Dover fit our Arabs the best. I will say, though, that the last 2 winters my boy has gone au naturel so I have 1 new one and one barely used one hanging in my blanket closet. The horse doesn’t seem to mind being blanket-less at all!

My two like these, New Briton bellyband turnout.

We have this for winter turnout:

Stable blanket:

Show sheet (Schneiders embroidered the barn logo):

We have been very happy with them all.

Stable blankets: Big D or Schneiders

Turnouts: Amigo Bravos

great, thanks everybody! i’ll check all these out.

Schneiders evergreen blanket

I agree with SStack!