Araldik stallion

What are everyone’s thoughts on araldik, he seems to have an interesting pedigree for a really nice eventing stallion but I haven’t been able to see any of his offspring. Does anyone know what he’s been producing?

Doing a quick check on the German results he have no offspring competing eventing what so ever. Jumping seem to be their game but the offspring are also not that old and events been standing still so you’ll never know :wink:

I think there has been recent thread on him but I can’t find a search function in the new style forums.

Heraldik was a very successful eventing stallion - but there are comparatively few TB stallions standing in Germany so he might have been disproportionately prominent. I haven’t noticed his sons being equally successful.

Had an Araldik filly last year. The sweetest, easiest, happiest yearling ever. She got her moms’ legs so not perfect but still very good and filly is super athletic. Will be a lot of fun to compete in any discipline.

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Pictures?! More info?