Archie Cox clinic questions

Hi all,
Archie Cox is coming to Ft. Collins, CO to teach a three day clinic in November. I don’t know much about him and can’t find much information about him online other than where he teaches at this time.
Has anyone taken a clinic from him? If so, what kind of a clinician is he? What do you feel is the most important information that you took away from the clinic? Did you like his style and delivery?
I have a 5 year old gelding who has done very well in the 2’9" jumpers this year with no stop in him and great roll backs, is very brave on cross country courses, and is a wonderful all around young horse.
Thank you in advance for any input and advice.

Sorry no info to offer, but I really wish we had more clinics down here in South Florida!

I took my 6 yo hunter to a 2 day clinic with him last fall. I loved it. We had 6 riders in our group, each session was 2 hours.
We did a variety of exercises on the flat and with poles, followed by some single jumps, combinations, bending lines. And then a course to finish off each day.

He brings it back to the basics and has good, simple advice. For example, on the first day my horse was fresh and was jumping more up vs across. He told me to cluck on takeoff to keep him moving forward. Super simple and it worked.

He’s also good about tailoring exercises to each horse in the group. ie rails for the drifters, adding a stride for the fresh ones, leaving out for the lazy ones.

I rode with Karen Healey back when Archie was one of her assistant trainers. He was a great coach, very specific and direct while remaining light hearted and kind. This was over 10 years ago, so obviously his style has probably evolved, but I would not hesitate to participate if I were you!

I think Archie is more of a hunter guy. I know your horse, and I would definitely go if you have plans to put him back in the hunter ring at some point!

Could you send me the info for this clinic? I couldn’t find anything on a quick google search. I’d love to go depending on dates, location, price!

Tiare Santistevan at (970)491-8504 is organizing the clinic and it will be at the CSU Pickett Center, Nov 18-20. Contact her for more info.
Thanks for your input!

I watched his video - on equestrian clinics series. I liked him alot. He is very nice in his approach -not rude - and had alot of suggestions for helping the rider develop an independent seat.

I took an equitation-focused clinic with him about 7 or 8 years ago. I found his recommendations to improve work over fences to be focused, specific, and well-presented. He articulated concepts effectively and was able to clarify where needed. I found him to be more general on the flat. That said, this particular clinic had 15 or so riders all working collectively as though in a flat class, so it was a different teaching environment than you’ll see for sure. I would definitely ride with him again if the opportunity presented.