Are all stock-horse stallions neck-sweated before taking photos and going to shows?

Someone posted a pic of a stallion on Facebook on a critique page, and I said I thought the stud had an unsightly neck (and head also). Just had no throat-latch to speak of and had a drafthorse size neck. So I posted a photo of an APHA stud that I thought had a nice neck and people pointed out that the photo was of a horse that had had its neck sweated, and that’s why it looked like that.

This is the original stallion that was posted:


so my question: How common is neck sweating for stock horse breeds? Do all stock horse stallions need their neck sweated to look like they have a nice neck? People are trying to tell me that a stud having a draft horse sized neck and no throatlatch is normal since he’s a stud but I want some professional opinions on this.

I would guess the practice of neck sweating may be more discipline based rather than breed based.

I work in the cutting horse industry and show reined cow horse, stock/ranch horse. Any trainer in those disciplines I’ve ridden for or ridden with doesn’t sweat necks.

Yikes! No amount of sweating will give that stallion a good neck.

To answer your question, I’ve never heard of any stock horses having their necks sweated except for ones being shown in halter. Most really don’t need it.


Stallions also look very different if they are alert and doing a bascule versus just standing in the field. And they can get fat like any horse. They can look like pudgy geldings :slight_smile:

To me this horse has a short neck and short hips and a long back though his color is spectacular. I would not seek out a horse with his conformation.

I’ve seen it done with halter, pleasure, and hunt seat stallions. I have yet to see it in cutting, reining, or reined cow. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but I’d bet its super rare. That horse could live in a sweat and it still won’t help his neck.

No. I would say in the reining, cutting, cowhorse etc, no one sweats their horses necks. And no amount of sweat and photo shop will give that horse a good neck or shoulder or anything besides color for that matter.
Sweating can be used to very slightly clean up a throat latch or top line but it does not make an exaggerated difference that would make me change my mind about a horse.

OP, whose stallion have you put up for an example here?