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Are brushing boots legal for FEI Show Jumping?

Is it allowed to use brushing boots on the hind legs instead of a velcro type ankle boot for an FEI show jumping competition? Like say a simple pair of woof brushing boots? I’m not competing in any FEI competitions any time soon. I’m just curious about the rules. I know the hind boot rules were made to stop the use of pinch and weighted boots as well as stopping people from over tightening. But I can’t see how a simple pair of brushing boots would be a problem.

I believe there is a list of allowed boots on the FEI website, with pictures, probably in the rules section.

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Go to FAQs for Equipment and Tack located in the Jumping rules section on the FEI website. Excellent photos. There are very specific rules regarding type, length of boot and type of fastening system.

I think the single close ones would be fine, but not the one with double. You’d need to double check though!