Are kick chains safe for senior horse?

I posted a topic a while back about my horse being plowed into by a horse with balance issues. We have found a short term solution ( Q the neurological horse was moved to day turnout and My horse stayed on night with another non pushy horse)

but since my horse basically went from being able to walk in/out to staying in during the day and out at night, he has been throwing tantrums!

I am not sure of all the triggers for him kicking but a big one is he wants to go out.

He does the buck or bronc style/rocking horse type kicking.

Are kick chains safe to put on a 30 yr old horse with severe knee arthritis? I would want use the ones that strap on above the hock so the changes don’t drag the ground.

I don’t think it would be a good idea for him to step on them with how old he is.

You need to move to a different barn. Full stop.


By short term, do you mean while you’re looking for another barn? I remember your other thread and I completely understand being reticent about trailering a 30 year old, but it can’t be any worse than him being constantly on guard around this neurological horse.


He is currently away from the other horse, the neuro horse ( who we now call Q on here) now goes out during the day ( Which is probably better so they can watch if he goes down) and my horse still goes out at night w/ another horse who doesn’t push him around too much.

But since my horse has been used to having access to go out 24/7 he is now kicking out out frustration to go out.

I am still trying to find a barn for my horse to go to but it is hard to find one that he can have a ton of turnout and also pasturemates that won’t push him too hard or private turnout. :disappointed:


Could you try some tasty hay in front of him vs kicking chains? or handwalking during the day?

Or just expand your search to find a new barn that gives 24/7 turnout?


Until you can get him to stop kicking, maybe think to line the stall walls where he is kicking with hanging mats, so he doesn’t hurt himself?
That stops some horses from kicking, but may not him.


Can you get there during the day to hand walk/graze, or shove him out somewhere on your own for an hour or so? breaking up his day may help. Also maybe one of those treat balls for his stall? Can you fabricate a small outside space with or a temporary hot wire situation? Is there another inside horse he could be stabled next to during the day?

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Until/unless you can resolve overall situation, on the question of kick chains, I don’t think they are a danger due to age of the horse. I think more at issue is if the chains work to stop the kicking or if the horse gets more upset by the chains. My now 21 year old mare has kick chains on hand for occasional hormonal issues; long story - regumate helps but not 100% perfect. So I’d try the chains, and monitor his reaction. Obviously they are only on in the stall, not out, so I just check my mare’s fetlocks whenever I put them on. Does your guy stock up? That might also be of concern. I find the “risks” of chains are worth having her not kick. Seems like more injury could happen with the unabated kicking.

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Agreed…and he may stop once he gets used to the new routine.

My gelding was trailered 625 miles when he was 30 with no problem (other than his mom worrying). As long as the horse is not having balance issues, I would check that concern off the list if it is there.

Something that worked for a horse at my barn whose owner was totally opposed to any type of kicking chain but would not do anything else to stop her horse trying to take the barn down was…

We hung feed bags all the way around the stall at kick height. She’d kick and startle herself with a crunch instead of a bang, and that solved the issue at least for awhile.