Are there any Jumping Instructors in Central WA?!?!?

I moved to the Yakima area about a year ago, and have found practically nothing when it comes to riding jumping instructors! I’m even open to Dressage or Eventing. I want to get back into regular riding lessons and hopefully competitions again. Any information or links would help me out greatly in this predicament.

Google Flying Changes Magazine, they have a list of all th h/j barns in Wa and Or then look in the directory. There also may be useful info in the Washington hunter jumper association web sire. I know there are several barns in the Snohomish and Monroe area-I am not sure how close you are to those.

There’s a central WA HjA

You can find places to ride if you are prepared to haul. There are a few trainers in Ellensburg. There are h/j shows and horse trials in Cle Elum at the horse park along with occasional clinics. Tulipsprings in Kennewick hosts eventing clinics and in the spring many trainers from western WA and OR come to Tulipsprings for trainer weekends to school XC when it is still rainy on the west side. Some of them may be willing to let you join their students for the weekend. I feel your pain as I am in eastern WA. I switched from H/J to eventing because there are more local options for me and the shows are more affordable.