Are there OTC Flea Meds that work?

I was using a product called Stronghold, which I ordered from Australia for years. It’s their equivalent to Revolution for dogs. It appears that it’s no longer available. It was roughly a third of the price of American products and worked well for flea and heartworm prevention.

I love my vet but flea meds through them are expensive. I bought two topicals from them and it was 50 bucks.

Is there anything that doesn’t need a prescription that actually works? I’m in FL, so fleas are a problem here.

I use the seresto collar and find it very effective.

The puppy is on vectra, seems to work fine, too. Didn’t want a collar on her when she was wee.

We used K9 Advantix II Flea & Tick Spot Treatment for years with pretty good success in central NC.

It was a hassle because we had to kick the half cat out of the house for 24 hours after treating the dog for his safety. But it kept the fleas mostly away (we did have one flea issue, but we may have been lax about keeping up with our treatment schedule) We still found ticks on the dog.

I know you said OTC, but Simparico Trio has been a game changer for us. Works way better on ticks. We find them on her or in her dog bed, but they are already dead.

Valley Vet has my prescription and I keep watch on their sales. I was able to stack a few offers (free shipping, instant rebate, etc) and essentially got the cat’s Frontline for free.

ETA: my vet prescribed the Simparico, but I don’t have to get it from them. She wrote me a prescription that I was able to email to Valley Vet Supply, I think I have one more refill left…but she will need vax soon anyway.

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East Tennessee here and thankfully Advantage is still working on both the dogs and cats. Frontline stopped working here about 10 years ago.

Advantix and Advantage are great products. I’d use caution using Seresto any animal that is seizure prone. I’ve also had success with Provecta but like Advantix more (though it’s more expensive but less greasy).

I have not had much luck with topicals. I have used Capstar and been happy with quick results, though fleas don’t STAY gone. Pill form at Walmart, says it can even be given daily.

Trifexis, prescription only, the special (no Ivermectin) heartworm I use with our Shelty, does a good job deflecting fleas, lasts almost the full 30 days between pills. I go to the local Pets Plus Vet visit, get the meds from them.

I need to apply flea-grub-tick killer to my outside dirt now. I have done that in the past and found it helpful. We just got a new septic system with new dirt, so it needs treating again. I believe the stuff is aTriazanine (sp). You put it in the fertilizer spreader and spread it around the dog areas, lawn, any bare areas and doghouses. We have a big fenced yard, so it gets spread all over.

I also wash the dog bedding often, spray around the crates, and bug bomb the house after plants and animals are removed. Then a second bug bomb 2 weeks later to kill any newly hatched bugs and break the reproductive cycle. Dogs and cats are washed with flea soap to be sure they are clean. I don’t seem to have any fleas after that, dogs and cats are checked often for fleas to prevent them getting started again.

I have no carpets downstairs, dogs not allowed upstairs. Cats not allowed in bedrooms (2) with carpets upstairs. Throw rugs get washed weekly, prevents flea eggs from hatching.

Sounds like a lot of work, but actually easy to do, along with weekly sweeping and cleanup. I use a steam mop on my vinyl floors, which cleans and kills any eggs. I HATE fleas, cannot tolerate them, so I work to keep them gone.

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Vectra. I get it from Heartland Vet Supply.

Wondercide- works great, dog and cat. I live in a rather wild locale and have found these extremely effective and non-toxic.