Arena base question

I will be putting in an arena in the coming months. I have chosen one of the highest locations on the property so it drains really well. Under the topsoil is a sandy loam. I do flat work and jumping, my daughter barrel races. We are working to find a happy medium for the footing but my question is about the arena base. I’ve been assuming I had to use stone dust as the base but a contractor recently asked me about using millings instead. Has anyone ever heard of of using millings for the base instead of stone dust? I’m also reading mixed reviews about the geotex fabric. Thoughts on that would also be appreciated.

I dont see why millings wouldnt work tho id be worried they would pack too much maybe. The whole point of the base is to not churn etc. I was always taught a truck should be able to turn on a good base n not leave a mark n millings would do that.

Google USDF Underfoot book. It is all about arenas and footing.

Be sure your contractor has built horse arenas before, and used the products he is reco’ing before, and go see some of the arenas he has built.