Arena drag recommendations for Colorado please!

Hi! We finally bought a new tractor, and it is time to find the perfect drag. Our problem is that we have a variety of needs.

We have a 200x300 jumping arena, so we need to get a soft and lofty footing, but still be able to maneuver around H/J courses and gymnastics. We have a cross country course, and need to maintain galloping tracks composed of dirt, manure and shavings. We have a 60 foot round pen with sand and rubber that likes to pack around the edges and get rock hard in the center. Our dressage arena is a coarser concrete sand, and the 85x150 indoor arena is a softer washed sand which can rock up like cement if it’s not worked immediately after getting watered.

We have an ATV and a round ArenaWerks which is fine for leveling when the hard work is done, but could never really rip hard or frozen arenas. We have a HUGE ridiculously amazing monster drag, but it can only be pulled by our ancient 1940 100hp Oliver Cockschutt (sadly being laid to rest) and can’t couldn’t be maneuvered inside the indoor arena, much less around jumps, or corners or fence lines. It means pulling entire courses every time we want to drag. Help!

Our new tractor is 55 hp, and I need a really versatile and effective drag to use with it. It’s just me doing the work, so ease of operation is critical. What do you use, what do you like about it, what do you hate about it, and do you wish you had bought something different?! What should I expect to spend? Do you have and use a water sprinkling option? Any and all information is very much appreciated!

If you have one that you know you love, I’d just get a smaller version of that. A 7’ or 8’ wide version of your amazing monster drag should be manoeuvrable enough and 55hp would be plenty.

If you want something different, everybody loves their TR3.