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Arena groomer - share your experiences please

I’m shopping for an arena groomer. I have a 100x200 arena with Georgia clay compacted base and 4" M10 footing. I’ve lost some of the m10 due to rain, and got most of it back in and now have footing boards installed. However, due to the loss and trying to level with the wrong equipment I now have waves on one end of the ring and need to level. Many of the drags I’ve looked at don’t level, just groom. So here is what I’m looking at, would love opinions based on experience. I can pull with 32hp JD tractor or Gator. ABI TR3, It’s expensive and I had very bad experience with the company on another piece of equipment so I’m hesitant. Parma Groomer, says it levels with leveler bar, just not sure how much. Roto Harrow says same with rotating movement, but not certain how rotation is maintained as go over uneven surface. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

Going out on a limb here --I’ve used the same arena leveler for 30 years --spring tooth harrow. It’s great for filling in grooves, bringing back deep corners, and keeping the arenas level. But having said that, my set up may not be as complex as yours. We use a clay/sand mix and don’t have to worry about compacting (due to the sand). Secondly, we use a Percheron to pull the harrow allowing deeper penetration, I’d guess, into the corners and closer to the edges --he can get the harrow 1 inch from the wall. Third, the harrow is adjustable depth for the tines so if there’s a low spot, wet spot, or other kind of uneven footing, one can adjust the harrow instantly (by hand as one walks behind the harrow). It may not be as quick as a tractor --but the precision is worth it, I think. I can level a full size dressage ring (200x100) in half an hour. I enjoy the walking, and working with a draft horse is a different kind of horse fun. My harrow was $100, my harness was $80, the collar $80, and my draft horse was $750. He runs on hay, LOL. He’s also handy for pulling trailers out of mud and snow, moving logs, lumber, stones, and pulling up tree stumps.


I wonder if my donkeys could pull a harrow…mmm. :slight_smile:

I’ve now found another option that looks great, the Arena Rover. Anyone have experience with that one?

Have you heard about Arena Werks? I have seen them at work in both Texas and Oklahoma and they do a great job. Here is the website.