Arena groomers

Just put Recycleballs in my outdoor arena and old drag not working well. Would love people’s reviews on the many arena drags out there. Recycleballs are ground up tennis balls so mixture of felt and rubber.

do not have an arena but do have a Golden Retriever who would gather up all those shredded tennis balls while wagging her tail

Would there be an issue with those shredded tennis balls floating off in heavy rain?

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I have landscape timbers with screening inbetween so hopefully not!! but I read the felt part can separate from the sand so need a groomer to mix it in better. regular sand drag not working!!

I just ordered a Drag N Fly groomer based on the recommendations of my footing manufacturer (Master Surfaces f/k/a EuroFelt) and a vet from Rood & Riddle. I have not yet tried it as I still need to get the textile mixed in – I’m actually hoping that the groomer will work to do the mixing as well as the maintaining.

Hoping to get that done this weekend so I can report back further on how it does.

anxious to hear what you find. which model do you have?

This one in the 60" width:

I plan to tow it with my side-by-side rather than the tractor so the 60" should be sufficient. I ordered it from TruTex footing as it was cheaper than ordering direct from Carolina Equipment. They shipped it super fast - I think I got it in less than 3 weeks.

It didn’t come with an instruction manual, however, so I need to find some YouTube videos to figure out how to use it.

Drag N Fly is a great drag. I don’t think it will mix the fiber in, though. You will probably need a Harley rake, which you can rent.

@windyhollow, would love to hear your review of Recycleballs. Looks interesting.

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took a bit to figure out how to incorporate. Ended up using the rototiller behind the tractor but then we tried to drag with old chain drag and that just pulled all the felt out again. So now I have an arenavator groomer with s tines etc and that is doing a good job. So a learning curve for sure.