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Arena harrow/groomer advice?

Can anyone recommend a good harrow / arena groomer? Looking to harrow a 60’x140’ indoor arena, with traditional oiled sand footing. And an outdoor sand ring.

Can pull with a 50hp tractor, or a 6 wheeled gator.
Looking for any advice you have. Needs to be 6’ for tractor. Gator is narrower.

Do you prefer the 3 point hitch style, or a tow behind for a gator?

i love my chain harrow. works great for me, simple, easy and cheap. easy to hook up and use it to harrow the pasture too.

I prefer the 3 pt hookup. Makes it easier to get into the corners, since you can lift it up and back into them, then drop it.

Yep, I’m going to bite the bullet and get a “proper” arena groomer/drag. I’ve used a heavy chain harrow for years, but honestly it’s a pita. First, tines down to break up anything hardening. Then flip it for tines up to smooth things out. Corners are a bit built up now, compact, and growing things. Short of getting off at every corner and dragging the chain into it (and mine is a heavy 200lb one) you can’t get the corners.

But it will do for a while, especially if you can find a cheaper used one, while you decide.

My hubby bought a Ground Hog http://lucasmetalworks.com/ground-hog/

It works amazing and we use it regularly as he is really anal about ground. We have also used it for the local light horse club to groom the arena for the big barrel race. We get lots of great compliments on the ground and no one has slipped in the three years we’ve groomed the arena.

I have a DragNFly arena groomer for an outdoor sand arena that’s about the same size as the OP’s. I’m a fan. I pull it with my 4-wheeler and it’s very easy on and off for me to do by myself. I’ve not ever put a 3-point groomer on a tractor but the other 3-point hookup accessories we have are not something I would ever try to do by myself. So the zip down to the ring, hook up, drag and zip back takes very little time and no help.