Arena sand C33

I am finally able to finish my arena. The problem is picking out footing. I barrel race. The footing I want in all the great arenas I run at is a clay sand mixture but I would have to win the lottery to be able to afford it at $60 a ton.

A person around here said he delivers C33 to most of the arenas in the area including western. I live in English land over here I am my vets only western client lol. My friend brought me a sample of C33 and I was so disappointed it felt like stone dust actually grainer. So I was asking on a local horse board about C33 and they all said how much they loved it but they were all English riders. An English friend of mine said don’t buy it she had it and it only lasted a few years then compacted down so hard she had to buy different footing

Does anyone on here have experience with C33. I don’t have the money to mess this up. I also live in the mountains so there are no sand pits close by. I just need more opinions.

Hope someone can help