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Long time lurker here trying to find some further information on people’s experiences with Arezzo VDL and his offspring - there just doesn’t seem to be a lot out there! Very eager to hear about the quality of his frozen and see some pictures or hear about any babies of his that any of you might have (what you feel he improved on, or didn’t, etc.)

Thanks in advance!

Not sure if the link will work but it is to the picture of Arezzo in the VDL Stud Facebook page where breeders also posted photos of their Arezzo foals.

I am really liking Chin Chin as a sire of sires. Chin Chin started late in the international breeding shed as I think he campaigned and was in Mexico until late in his years.

It worked! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m really just a huge fan of that whole C line. In my most competitive days I was lucky enough to own a direct son of Cor De La Bryere, so I’m definitely partial - he was a once in a lifetime sort of horse. I’m really loving Arezzo’s type, reminds me of my guy.

Having seen a number of Arezzo offspring in Holland - I would say that he is very good at making little clones of himself. They seem to have similar head, neck sets and use of their front ends - especially the quick round bascule!
This photo is at the VDL Stallion show with Jessica Kurten and Arrezo on the left and James Billington and a 4yo son of Arezzo on the right

Here are some of his foals in various foal auctions:

Awesome. Thank you so much for those links! I definitely wouldn’t be disappointed with a little clone - especially with that bascule. :wink:

Do you know of any on the ground in Canada or the US?

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