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Argh - Kerrits half chaps - over $100?!?

I have the Kerrits synthetic half chaps and love them - but after years of regular use the material on the inside of the calf is starting to shred, so they need to be replaced.

I went on a search and didn’t find them anywhere for less than 100 bucks. GAH! I KNOW I didn’t (wouldn’t!!) spend that much on a pair of half chaps (especially synthetic ones!), but of course I have no idea where I got them; possibly/probably on sale.


If anyone knows where I can find them (other than Ebay) for less - I would really appreciate it! There are a few offered for less but not in my size (small, regular) - anything comparable that would have similar features? These are lightweight and grippy, fit well and are comfortable.


Can’t help you with Kerrits half chaps, but Horze makes a synthetic half chap for around $50. Several of the kids and teens at my barn have them. They look nice enough in their lessons and seem to hold up well. The sizing is limited so be sure to check the sizing chart.

Smartpak also has their Eliza half chap, which is also synthetic leather, for about the same price. But I haven’t seen those in person.

Also can’t help on the Kerrits ones, but wanted to say the Millbrook Leather half chaps are very nice for the $109 price and offer customized color/ size. I borrowed a pair from a friend and they will be my next schooling boots once my current ones wear out. SO comfy.

Is it the cost of new ones or do you want those specifically? If you have a consignment tack place near you they most likely have decent leather ones for less than $100.

Well, I like the Kerrits because they are very soft and comfortable, have held up pretty well – and have good grip. I hate stiff half chaps, or ones that have suede on the inside which really don’t do the trick for me re: the stick factor :wink:

ETA that HELL to the no paying $100 for this!

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I was actually at the Dover tent sale today - unfortunately, I got there on the last day so everything was pretty picked over! Saw the Horze half chaps – they were not on sale, of course – but weren’t that expensive. I do like some of their products, but in this case they just did not have the softness and grip I’m looking for - but thanks for the suggestion :blush:

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$44.50 at Equis Mart and in your size:



Many thanks! :blush: :heart:

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Ordered. You are officially in my will :wink:


Wow, you are the Queen of Internet Sleuths! I’m impressed!

(I had never heard of Equis-Mart, but just saw they’re a mobile tack store in Calif. Wish we had something similar at more of our shows out here).