Ariat Adult Medal Questions

Hello everyone! I’m interested in trying to qualify for Ariat Adult Medal Finals since I have a horse that would do super well in the equitation. How does one qualify for finals and how many points do the qualifiers typically have? I looked up standings but could only find the ones for the current year and since it’s only a couple months since people started qualifying for 2022, its hard to get a good picture of the amount of points it would take to qualify. Its my understanding that it places 1-6 with points (10, 6, 4, ect) but the amount of points you win is multiplied by the number of riders competing in the class? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Is it highly competitive? I never did the Big Eq and this would be my first time trying to qualify for any sort of national finals.

I would love if others could share their experiences trying to qualify and/or their experience at medal finals!

Is there only one Ariat Adult Medal class per show?

This will answer many of your questions:

Yes, one per show.

They take thirty for finals; method described in link.

Thank you! This was very helpful.

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Is there any way to look up the regional and national standings from years prior?

Not that I know of. I tried the Wayback Machine but the only cached page was from February of this year.

They don’t archive the previous year standings, but I always try to take a look around the time qualifying closes. Most years, you can get into the finals with 400-500 points.

That’s what one of my friends told me recently. Are you familiar at all with class sizes in zone 5? I’d assume there would be larger classes at places like WEC, GLEF, and maybe Lamplight.

Top rider in your zone, you’ll automatically qualify. Depending on location, this could be 1000 points or 200. It definitely is doable with consistency, maybe one or two shows a month with ribbons in every class. Good luck!!

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