Ariat Fatbaby Saddle vs Dublin River/Pinnacle

Ok, so I am doing a bit of ‘boot restocking.’ Since it’s currently summer, a lot of winter boots are cheaper than when in high demand. So, I’m trying to decide between the Fatbaby Saddle or the Dublin Pinnacle. I live in WA state, so the winters are pretty mild. (just lots of rain!) In the winter, I mostly am working, although I will ride occasionally (mostly Western) . Overall I am at the barn 1-2 days a week.

The Fatbaby Saddle is cheaper and not insulated, and I would likely need to waterproof it. The Dublin is already waterproof and insulated. My main thought is durability though…is there one that would be a clear step above the other considering my needs? Thanks in advance!

If you want it primarily for the winter, I’d go with either of the Dublin boots.

Dublins for sure. The fat babies won’t hold up very well.

I’ve been wearing the Pinnacles for three years - IN MAINE - and they’re still alive and kicking. With toasty sox, they’re actually quite warm.

The Fat Babies look very cheap to me, but I’ve never actually owned any, so can’t say.

Thanks guys!

And here I’m thinking “Ariat makes saddles now?!” and “What kind of special does it take to think " Fatbaby” is a good name for a saddle?!". :lol:

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Get both! They are different boots for different reason :slight_smile: