Ariat sales?

I feel like Ariat never does “sales” in that they have an item or two go on sale but I don’t remember them being typically included in holiday sales, etc. Am I remembering incorrectly? I’d like to buy some Ariat Terrains for hiking (my previous pair is so worn out it leaks) and I’m thinking with supplies being even further crunched, I should just bite the bullet but if there’s a sale coming.

Can’t say that I’ve seen sales (not clearance) on their site. Sometimes you can get a pretty good deal on amazon though.

Eons ago Nike made a Hiker, basically a high top, but more rugged.
I wish they still made those.

I’ve found that unlike some brands where the price is set and is the same across all retail outlets, the price on the Terrains often varies greatly between different sites. Stateline has these H2Os for a good price: You can find the non-waterproof ones for even less but I’ve found the H2Os to last significantly longer.