Ariat Tall Boots- Warranty/Repair

Bought a pair of Ariat Quantum Crownes just over two years ago and now have to get the inside calf patched/repaired. I ride an average of twice a week (nothing crazy and the boots are taken care of). I noticed wear on the inside calf within a couple months of getting them and contacted Ariat about my concern. I was told to wait until I either wore a hole in them or something fell apart and I could send them in to get repaired.

Has anyone had any issues with these boots? or similar issues with other Ariat boots?

I really do not want to shell over a bunch of money to repair boots that should not have worn out this quickly.

We had a zipper blow out in a new-ish pair of Volants. We worked with Ariat and got the zippers replaced through Ariat’s boot repair place and they are better than new… Squeaky wheel gets the oil - I had to hustle pretty hard to get it taken care of for free, but they did.

I ride a bit more than you but mine did the same. The ankle area got 2-3 holes each and the whole inside calf is discolored. I tried to jump through Ariats hoops to get them fixed and after 4-5 phone calls decided that it was a lost cause. I got Wayne at ( to put a big patch over the holes and it was fairly reasonable. Pretty sure the patch will last longer than the boots.

The ankle and inside calf are extremely discolored and worn very thin (printer paper is probably thicker at this point). I’ve never had boots fall apart this badly and honestly will likely never buy Ariat after this. Funny thing is I have a pair of monacos and use those to school in. Had them for 5+ years no repairs or issues and survived my junior years (3-5 horses/day). Everyone always said just wait, They’ll fall apart.