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Arizona Mustang Training for AZ TIPC

I’ve been following this series on Youtube and don’t know the handler.

The first video shows the mare just off the truck, with her tag BLM still on. By session 7, the handler has her stepping up onto palets - almost and for a minute, blowing and unsure.

I don’t know this person, but she seems at least to my somewhat untrained eye, to show a good example of pressure/release and is so patient.

Also, the whole session filmed is shown, so the viewer is not left thinking their horse should do it faster, “because that mustang did” when in reality, a lot of time was edited out.

Text from the first video:
“2009 BLM Blue Sabino Mustang Mare in training at Wild Ride Horse Training so that she can find her forever home and compete in March for the Arizona TIP challenge. Session 1 in this video consists of footage from straight off the trailer. In the video she learned round penning etiquette as well as allowing me to get close to her, but not too close. Session two for day 1 wasn’t caught on camera due to the lighting not being great. Was able to catch, touch her face on the left side, touch her neck, and remove her tag.”

By the time the mare stepped and stood front legs on the pallet, (Day 5, Session 6) I was going Hooray!!!~!

Dang… Forgot the link:


Day 1, Session 1

Thanks for sharing! I look forward to following along.

My mustang is a bit tough and I’m used to puppy dog pleasure quarter horses. I hung her neck tag in the tack room to remind myself that there was once a day where I couldn’t even halter her

TIP trainers are a breed all their own (in a good way!)

She’s a cute mare and smart too - as so many of the Mustangs are.

Happy to see one more in good hands and hopefully on her way to a good home.

Jingles Please

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Jingles for Blue Belle, please…

From the FB Page:

[INDENT][COLOR=#800000]"Prognosis is not good. Labs came back with some very scary results. Blood cell counts are normal, however her other levels that are suppose to be in the 50s are at around 15,000-19,000. Labs make it look and acts like oleander poisoning (it isn’t), but she’s had absolutely no contact with oleander. Options are we wait it out and see what happens on the meds she’s on now, put her on IV meds, or euthanasia. I’m heart broken for this little mare ??? I’ve been watching her at Florence for 2 years, and she finally gets a chance at a home and this happens. If anyone feels like they want to donate, I will be taking donations to cover her current costs. Even a dollar helps. I will keep everyone updated on her as we go on.
barrelracer.parham@gmail.com family and friends option."[/INDENT][INDENT]



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Oh no! Jingles

Sorry to report Blue Belle didn’t make it. Oleander poisioning. I always hated oleanders.