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Arm Brace

Hello all!

In October I broke both the bones in my arm after getting kicked (arm saved my head though!).

I’m clear to ride as long as I ride with an arm brace. The one given to me originally for every day life is really bulky. I really just need the brace for compression to keep the plates in my arm from doing something crazy.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an arm brace that covers the wrist but still goes down most of the forearm?

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Curious what they gave you. Are you in physio? A physiotherapist might have good ideas.

After I got my cast off (broken wrist), they made me a plaster splint that I then attached to my arm with a tensor bandage. It was just to be used around the horses/for riding until I was done my physio to protect the area though - not compression.

I only had occupational therapy. Once my arm became useful again we were done :sweat_smile:

What I have is a very generic arm brace. Covers my forearm and wrist and has a metal piece going down its length. It’s just bulky.

I have a call into my doctor’s office, but just wanted to see if anyone has any experience with arm braces and riding!

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if you can find someplace that makes prosthetic limbs nearby, they can make you a custom brace. get a script from your doc and insurance might pay

SO had a custom brace/cast made with a prescription from the doctor. Light weight plastic heated and molded to the arm, cut clamshell-wise, then secured with elasticated velcros. Reasonably comfortable, easily washable.

When I had to wear one due to a bad wrist sprain, I used an OTC splint meant for nighttime wear for carpal tunnel (which I didn’t have), which adjusted via Velcro. Since I’m on the small side, my forearms aren’t that long, and this went about halfway to my elbow, and really kept the strain off my wrist at the ulna. I still had decent use of my fingers, although my most of my palm was covered.

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

You must be tiny! Those carpal tunnel splints only go about two or three inches up my arm. I slept in them for many years because of neuropathy in my hands. About five years ago, I switched to compression gloves, which are more comfortable on my painful hands.


I’m not tiny, but one of my arm braces is longer. If the OP is a smaller person, perhaps she can find one that gives her the support she requires.

I’m got multiple for both arms, AirCasts for both legs, a few different tennis elbow braces, a custom thumb splint, various knee braces, wrist ones, etc. I’ve kept them all, because I never know when one will come in handy. I also find that it helps to prevent rubbing if I switch to a different brand, or a slight change in style.

The price one pays for being hypermobile, but I’ve yet to break anything.

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