Armbands, bracelets and such

Last show my armband annoyed the heck out of me.

Then I realized I didn’t need it (actually read the rules…) and bracelets are OK. I have drug allergies, so.

Then I researched RideSafe and RoadID et al ($20-40), read a bunch of threads and finally decided to get a slide on dog tag made for about $10 and put it on my watch strap.

My question is: do EMTs look on watch straps for info or is this a waste of time? If I made it red would that help?

I think your best bet would be your standard medical alert tag.

One of the reason I believe the armbands were abandon was because no medical professional would ever use that information without confirmation because of liability issues. An example would be they would never give you blood based on the type written on your card without going through the process to confirm it themselves. Fundamentally they were never used.

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How visible is it? Can you add a medical alert emblem?
That doesn’t sound like it’s going to be very visible. I have a road id bracelet (they are super popular with runners) and have been told basically what subk said, that they are not really useful for medical information but good for ID in a situation where you are running/trail riding etc. alone and not carrying anything. But I don’t have any significant preexisting conditions.

I’m thinking something like this now:

On your wrist + medical alert symbol seems like a pretty good a chance of being seen by a provider looking for such things. :woman_shrugging:

I have the RoadID rubbery bracelet (2 for $20) with a metal slide that lists my name, date of birth, husband ph#, Dr’s. ph# and medical allergy. Figure that’ll get them to the rest of the info they need if I’m incapacitated.

I believe the rules changed for 2021, medical information is only required if you have a disclosed medical condition. If you do not have any medical condition, no armband or bracelet is necessary.

Where did you get 2 for $20? Cheapest I saw was $25 for one?

RoadID silicone stretch bracelet. They had a special last winter, so I got one in my eventing color and a grey one.