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This thread features COTHer recommendations for non-horse forums, if you want to find a place like this to discuss tropical fish, home repair or politics in depth: :wink:

BB Recommendations for COTHers, by COTHers

I was tooling around on google looking for something totally unrelated (namely geotextile material for stall matting) and found this awesome link

It’s bookmarked in my favorites and has plans for horse jumps, barns, shoots, and many MANY neat things around the farm. Free and useful plans all in one location, that is a keeper site for sure!

I like this site - you can browse around and go deeper than what is posted in the menu, too:

Farm layout, barn plans, paddocks, fence planning…

FBI Buildings has a really handy building design on-line tool that you can use to create your own design or adapt on already in the system. Best thing is you can save your design to go back to later on and you don’t get spam from FBI.


in particular this section … yahoo travel philippines,

eco wood treatment

we used eco wood treatment on our fence, it was easier than painting the whole fence, looks really nice

i am trying to find a place to sell barn doors…any ideas? thanks.

Wood stall floors

Ok, I know this isn’t the place to post this but I’m new here and don’t know the ropes.

I know you have a thread regarding wood stall floors but I can’t seem to find it. Help me?