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Art Collector Gone

Art Collector euthanized because of laminitis:

How awful.

That’s heartbreaking. I was so looking forward to him standing at Claiborne. Bernardini deserved an heir good enough to stay in KY. Godspeed good horse.


Quite sad over this. Watched him in Charles Town Classic over the past two years. Lovely horse and total class act.

Very sad news.

Very sad to read about this loss ~ RIP ~ handsome gentleman ~

I am so $%$^ing sick and tired of our best TB stallions being put down to laminitis.

Godspeed and condolences to all of his connections. :broken_heart:


Not a stallion, still racing.

At the risk of being pedantic, I said stallion because AFAIK he is not a gelding. He’s six, so he wouldn’t really be a colt.

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It’s terrifying to think a horse at the height of health and fitness could be struck down by laminitis in all 4s within just a few days. I know we’ll never know just went wrong, but it’s so hard to imagine how something like that could happen. And scares the crap out of me as someone with metabolic horses; I’m constantly thinking about what they’re eating and what sort of green stuff they might be nibbling that they shouldn’t be. Even a metabolic horse you don’t expect to take such a grim turn so quickly. Really sorry for all his connections. Sounds like he was very special to his owner/breeder.


From what I’ve read, Art Collector had a past history that included abscesses. He was scratched from the Monmouth Cup Stakes on July 22nd because of an abscess, so I wonder if something could have been brewing all this time. I lost my mare this spring to laminitis and if that poor horse had laminitis in all four hooves, he must have been in terrible pain. What a tragedy.


He was of course a stallion, but I think that term is usually used for breeding stock. Intact male racehorses above the age of 3 are usually referred to as horses, which always seemed a bit redundant, but whatever.
Correction: above the age of 4.

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Sorry about your mare @Bogie

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And Cave Rock now. Had strangulated hernia surgery, developed laminitis during recovery. Horrible disease.


Just saw that. And these horses are young, fit and get good veterinary care. So depressing. So frightening.

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