Hi, have someone used arthramid in stifles? I Googled it but find mostly topics about arthramid in coffin joints and hocks, so i wondered if IS it used also for Big Weight bearing joints liké thé stifle.

I have used Noltrex for arthritis in a stifle (Noltrex is pretty much identical to Arthramid - both polyacrylamide hydrogels). I’ve had success with it.

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Thank you, how long did it take to sée thé efects on lameness? How long did you have to rest your horse After thé injections ?

Yes- it’s used in stifles and high motion joints. It takes about 3 weeks to notice a difference. I’ve only used Noltrex in stifles because my clinic previously didn’t carry Athramid but now they do. It’s definitely not an instant improvement, but then bang! Mileage varies depending on the condition but you can usually get 6-12 mo out of it, perhaps longer.

2-3 days rest, then a week of walk only, then a week of walk-trot, then ease back into work is the protocol from Noltrex. You’ll see an improvement in a few weeks as TWH_Girl said.

Per my vet, 6 months - 2 years is the expected interval between injections.

OP did you end up using Arthramid? I’m trying to decide if I should do Noltrex this spring (stifles) or try the Arthramid.

Anecdotal but my vet just recommended Arthramid for my horse with an acute stifle injury. It has been giving great results on some acute injuries in addition to arthritis.

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Nice! It’s mechanism is slightly different than Noltrex so I am leaning towards trying it.

Can you elaborate? Interested to know what the difference is as I thought they were identical substances.

As an update on my Noltrex use in the lower hocks - I finally just had to get my gelding redone yesterday. He went 20 months with the Noltrex (and he’s not off yet, but I can feel the difference in him taking contact differently and not wanting to sit back on his hind end as much, so I decided to get him redone now before it affected anything else in the hind end).

Previously, he’d get a year out of HA if I also had him on Ichon monthly, but Ichon tripled in price up here. He’s not on Ichon now and still getting nearly 2 years with the Noltrex, so I’m really happy with the results (as is my vet)


This is the best article I found that differentiates the two:

Just had Arthramid in my 20 yr old gelding last week. I will report back in a few weeks to let others know his response.


Two weeks out - horse was great! No dragging hind feet, groaning or stopping. Standing squarely to tack up, gaited and cantered well. A few more rides and then I’ll let my vet know if I feel the horse had a better response to Arthramid vs Noltrex. Ideally- if this lasts longer then it will be a no-brainer.

Eta- injection was to stifles

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Hi, no vet did prp. Almost dis not sée thé différence though

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What do you mean? Did you not notice much improvement? :confused: