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Article today on NY mayoral candidates' positions on carriage horses

Crain’s NY Business ran an article today about the positions of some NY mayoral candidates regarding carriage horses. At least one candidate plans to make them illegal her first day in office if she is elected. Another (Lhota) said he was againstt carriage horses but then says he wants to tour the stables and talk to the carriage drivers.

I’m posting a link in case anyone wants to contact these candidates and give them a piece of your mind. Here’s the link:


It is so disturbing to me that with all the issues our nation faces “carriage horses” have become a jousting topic for NYC’s mayoral race. Now tell me again how its about the horses welfare and not about politics and money ?

Furthermore Lhota is a joke ban them because "“The smell that they drop there is unfortunate.” Really NYC this guy is even a consideration to help run your city >?

Yeah, because otherwise NYC smells like roses. :rolleyes: It’s all about politics, real estate development and money. Has nada to do with the horses or drivers except for getting the insane AR weirdos to make it as public as possible with incorrect drama hoping for public support.

Speaking of horses and manure, look who’s also considering a run. :lol:

OMG Seriously??? Wonder what he’ll let fly on twitter this time.

[QUOTE=Frank B;6992823]
Speaking of horses and manure, look who’s also considering a run. :lol:[/QUOTE]